Cleaning Products You Should Never Use on Leather

Cleaning Products You Should Never Use on Leather

While leather is among the most durable materials you can add to your wardrobe, a large part of ensuring leather pieces last is taking care of them. As you clean and condition your leather goods, there are a few cleaners you should avoid using. Some strong chemicals could damage them or ruin the material altogether. Remember these cleaning products you should never use on leather as you maintain your leather garments.


Nail polish remover is a harsh chemical, and although you may use it as a good cleaning solution for other materials, there’s no reason to use it on leather. While it’s true that it gets rid of stains, acetone damages leather by destroying the layers and eating away at the material. As a result, your leather attire may become brittle or even crack. And worst of all, there’s no undoing this damage.


Some of us use markers to touch up scuffs on boots or even hats, but most professionals working in the leather industry advise against this. Why? Your marker won’t be a perfect match to the leather’s color. Therefore, the wear could become even more noticeable. In some instances, the ink may also ruin the affected area because of how it reacts with the leather.


Like acetone, some people claim hairspray is safe to use on leather when you need to remove ink stains. Unfortunately, as industry experts, we can tell you that this isn’t the case. Hairspray contains alcohol, and that doesn’t mix well with leather. Plus, hairspray feels sticky—think of how your hair feels after using it. That’s another reason that using it is a recipe for disaster on those precious leather garments.

Tips for Cleaning Leather

So you know three main cleaning products you should never use on leather, but that leaves the question of what you should use. To clean leather, invest in a quality leather cleaner and conditioner. These products are safe to use on leather, and companies have designed them for that use. As a result, you never have to worry about damage. But before using a product, read through the directions listed on it to ensure you properly clean your leather materials.


Full-grain leather goods will require different cleaning products from suede or other types of leather due to the tanning process. Natural leathers usually require a gentle material with a balanced pH level. As you tend to your leather goods, you should remember to shampoo the surface before adding a leather conditioner.

Buying Leather Goods

Now that you know what to use and not to use on this material, it’s time to stock up on full-grain leather goods! Buy a genuine leather bag that you’ll love at Western Leather Goods. We have leather goods and garments to match everyone’s taste. With the right maintenance, your leather items will last a lifetime.