The Difference Between Full Grain & Top Grain Leather

The Difference Between Full Grain & Top Grain Leather

Some people may not know there are two types of leather to choose from: full grain and top grain. Although both are authentic forms of the material, they’re not the same. This informative guide will evaluate the difference between full grain and top grain leather. 

What Is Full Grain Leather?

One primary difference between full grain and top grain leather is that full grain comes from the top of the animal’s hide. In other words, experts make it by removing the hair from the skin before tanning the skin for the leather-making process. Due to this, full grain leather tends to hold up better, and it usually has that high-end look that many people desire in leather goods.

Another reason why many buyers gravitate toward full grain leather is that its surface appears perfectly imperfect. Most Western wear is made of leather, and that style is all about telling a story. Nothing quite matches the fine grains you’ll see in this material.

What Is Top Grain Leather?

Top grain leather differs from full grain leather because leatherworkers sand off the top layer, which removes any intricate bits. Many people prefer using this type of leather for handbags because it’s easier to work with. In addition, top grain leather lasts for years, and some people purchase it over full grain leather because it’s usually easier to maintain. 

Another great feature of this type of leather is that leatherworkers apply a finish to it to protect it against stains. Remember that this doesn’t negate the fact that you need to use the appropriate cleaners and conditioners to elongate the product’s life span. 

Which One Is Best?

Understanding the difference between full grain and top grain leather is one thing, and deciding which one you should buy is another. Most people agree that full grain leather is the best option, but the one you purchase is a matter of opinion and depends on some criteria.

For starters, full grain leather holds up longer, but items made from it tend to cost more because it’s a lot harder to work with. You should also consider which appearance you prefer. If you want a bag that appears smooth, then you should search for one made with top grain leather. 

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