The Bandit's Belt Bag - Crossbody Cell Phone Wallet

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The Bandit's Belt Bag: The Ultimate Crossbody Cell Phone Wallet for Western Outlaws


The Bandit's Belt Bag: Crossbody Cell Phone Wallet," a versatile and stylish men's shoulder bag crafted with durable full-grain leather. This multi-purpose accessory is designed for work, travel, outdoor activities, and more. It features ample storage with a main zipper pocket, two front zipper pockets, an internal open slot. The adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfortable wear and includes a convenient back loop to attach it to a waist belt for added versatility. The timeless Western design adds a touch of rugged elegance. Choose "The Bandit's Belt Bag" for a functional, stylish crossbody cell phone wallet that complements your adventurous spirit.


  • A spacious main pocket.
  • Two front zipper pockets for organization.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable wear.
  • Includes a back loop for attaching it to a waist belt.
  • Timeless Western design with a rugged elegance.
  • Ideal for work, travel, and outdoor activities.


  • Made of full-grain leather
  • Color Options: Brown or Red Brown

Region: Made in India 


  • Size: 8.3" H x 5.5" L x 0.8" D

As the sun set over the rugged horizon, the lone cowboy rode into town, his Bandit's Belt Bag slung over his shoulder, ready for whatever the wild frontier had in store.

"Embrace the Wild West with The Bandit's Belt Bag"

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