The Bulls Hide - Handmade Vintage Leather Journal

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The Bulls Hide - Handmade Vintage Leather Journal

The life of every person is like a unique diary filled with their own stories and thoughts. The Bulls Hide - Handmade Vintage Leather Journal is designed to help you keep those precious ideas organized and secure. This journal features sturdy hand-stitched binding and a belt wraparound closure, ensuring that your thoughts won't be lost. Inside, you'll find 200 pages of thick, rustic 150 GSM unlined paper for a superior writing experience. Suitable for sketches, notes, or doodles, it guarantees no bleed-through. The full-grain buffalo leather cover inspires untold stories. Let's explore this new world together with The Bulls Hide Journal.


  • Tough hand-stitched binding
  • Belt wrap-around closure
  • 200 pages of thick unlined paper
  • Natural 150GSM paper, no bleed-through
  • Let your creativity run wild!
  • Ideal for sketches, notes, and doodles


  • Handmade from full-grain buffalo leather
  • 100% Vegetable Tanned Leather


  • Size 8”
  • Dimension: 6" W x 8" H x 1.5" D
  • Weight: 1.13 lbs.

Ride high and scribble yer thoughts with The Bulls Hide - Handmade Vintage Leather Journal. It's tougher than a rodeo bull and sharper than a cowboy's wit!

"Home on the Range: Living the Western Dream"

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