The Everyman Tag – Leather Luggage and Bag Tag


Travel in Style with The Everyman Tag – Leather Luggage and Bag Tag


Organization and style combine to deliver these cow-leather luggage tags that are far more than just a protective measure. Attach these to your bags, baggage, or luggage with their elegant metal buckle, and never worry about losing your bags again. Once personalized with your personal details, they’ll ensure your bags are always returned to you in the event that your luggage is lost or you leave something behind. While they are the perfect companion to leather bags, they can add a flair of style to any other materials with a neutral color that perfectly complements them.


  • Made from premium full-grain cow leather, these luggage tags offer both style and durability to protect your bags during travel.
  • The elegant metal buckle provides a secure attachment to your bags while adding a touch of sophistication to your luggage.
  • Personalize your luggage tags with your personal details to ensure your bags are always returned to you in the event of loss or misplaced luggage.
  • Whether you have a leather bag or any other material, these luggage tags in a neutral color will complement and enhance the look of your travel gear.
  • The perfect combination of organization and style, these cow-leather luggage tags are a must-have accessory for any frequent traveler or adventure.
  • Size: 2.7" L x 4.3" H
  • Color: Brown or Dark Brown 

Hit the dusty trail in style with The Everyman Tag - Leather Luggage and Bag Tag, the perfect accessory to add rugged Western charm to your luggage or bag.

"Life is a rodeo. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride."

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