The Mystic Mule - Leather Weekend Bag

$239.95 $379.95

Stand Out on Your Next Getaway with The Mystic Mule - Leather Weekend Bag


There's something about the look of real crazy horse leather that feels right. So get your hands on one now - our artisans weaving leather technique will blow your mind! We've crafted this brown leather travel bag from the absolute best, so you can enjoy a rustic look made from hardwearing materials for years to come. With one cell pocket, a walled pouch, a zippered compartment, a laptop sleeve, and a particular area for your shoes – you'll be able to pack and carry easily. 


  • Sturdy all-leather carry handle
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Convenient front exterior pocket for frequently used items
  • Two front exterior side zipper pockets
  • The Interior includes one cell pocket, one wallet pocket, one zipper pocket, a laptop compartment, and a special shoe compartment.
  • Available in sizes 20", 22", and 28."


  • Made with full-grain Italian cow leather
  • Features premium cotton inner lining
  • Includes brass buckles and hardware
  • Equipped with premium YKK zippers

Two color options:

  • Brown Vintage or Dark Brown.


  • 20" L 10" H 10" W
  • 22" L 11" H 11" W
  • 28" L 11" H 11" W

As the cowboy rode into town, the townsfolk couldn't help but take notice of The Mystic Mule - Leather Weekend Bag, which exuded a rugged charm that perfectly captured the spirit of the Wild West.

"The West is a place where the impossible becomes possible."

Discover Your Inner Cowboy

let the Spirit of the Wild West lead you on a journey of freedom and adventure!

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