The Out House - Leather Cosmetic Bag


The Out House - Leather Cosmetic Bag, a stylish and practical travel accessory.


Now you can keep all of your toiletries in line with our men’s brown leather cosmetic bag that’s carefully designed to make traveling a pleasure again. The plush leather is soft to the touch but protects possessions with ease. We’ve fitted a large central pocket and a convenient bottom compartment so you can get organized like never before. Our artisans only craft with the finest cowhide, which gets better with every outing and handles moisture exposure beautifully.


  • Our men's brown leather cosmetic bag offers a stylish solution for keeping your toiletries organized while on the go.
  • The plush leather material is soft to the touch while providing excellent protection for your possessions.
  • With a large central pocket and convenient bottom compartment, our bag offers ample space to store all your essential toiletries.
  • Crafted by skilled artisans using only the finest cowhide, our bag is designed to last and improve with every use.
  • The leather material is water-resistant and handles moisture exposure beautifully, making it the perfect travel companion.


  • Full-grain cowhide leather and YKK zippers.


  • Size: 10.2" L 6.5" H 5.87" W

As he prepared for his journey, he reached for The Out House - Leather Cosmetic Bag, knowing that it would keep his toiletries organized and protected on his travels through the rugged landscapes of the West.

"Howdy partner, welcome to the Wild West."

Organization meets durability in this rugged toiletry bag

Stay organized in the face of any adventure

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