The Shooting Star - Vintage Buffalo Leather Diary

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Capture Your Thoughts and Dreams in Style with The Shooting Star - Vintage Buffalo Leather Diary


Do you remember the time when you used to keep a diary for yourself? The world seemed clearer, right? Didn’t it feel good to get every thought and feeling out of your head and down on paper? Rediscover the joy of keeping a diary with The Shooting Star - Buffalo Leather Diary. Use it as a Travel journal, Daily journal, Gratitude Journal, pregnancy journal, Bible Journal & Prayer Journal, Wedding Guest Book Alternative, Writing Journal—anything and everything! Two hundred pages of rustic unlined paper. The sturdy, hand-stitched binding and belt wrap closure ensures each of your thoughts is in the right place. Treasure your adventures in its distressed leather-look cover and classic vintage paper with no bleed-through, only from Western Leather Goods. It will surely be the treasure box that will hold the deeds of your adventures, ready to be unfolded before the world!


  • Durable binding: Hand-stitched for a sturdy hold on 100 sheets of thick, unlined paper.
  • Secure closure: Belt wrap-around closure ensures your thoughts are protected and safe.
  • Ample pages: 200 pages (100 sheets approx.) plenty of space to capture your thoughts and ideas.
  • Marker and pen-friendly paper: 200GSM paper used in the diary prevents marker bleed and pen bleed, ensuring that your writing stays crisp and clear.


  • Full-grain buffalo leather 


  • Size 8”
  • Compact size: Measuring 6" W x 8" H x 1.5" D
  • Weight: 1.13 lbs. perfect for on-the-go.

The Shooting Star glimmered brightly in the clear night sky as I scribbled down my thoughts and adventures in my Vintage Buffalo Leather Diary.

"Ride towards your dreams like a Shooting Star"

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