The Western Boho - Cowhide Leather Duffel Bag

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Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit with The Western Boho - Cowhide Leather Duffel Bag


The Western Boho - Cowhide Leather Duffel Bag perfectly blends western and bohemian styles. Crafted with a full-grain leather exterior and natural fur finish, this handcrafted duffel bag features an animal print design made with 100% soft cow skin for a unique look. (often referred to as 'pony fur'). Its practical size and spacious main compartment with additional interior pockets make it perfect for travel, gym, or a weekend getaway. Designed for both men and women, this cowhide leather duffel bag is an excellent gift for any occasion, including birthdays, Christmas, college, or travel. Its high-quality craftsmanship is sure to bring admiring comments and help you define your personal style. Don't settle for an ordinary duffel bag when you can travel in style with The Western Boho.


  • High-quality cowhide leather with a natural fur finish
  • 100% cotton lining interior
  • The practical size of 21" L x 12" H x 10" W
  • Large main interior compartment, interior zipper pocket, and two phone/wallet pouches
  • Comfortable leather carry handle
  • Brass studs on the base for added durability and style
  • Brass fittings and YKK zippers for secure closure
  • Animal print design with 100% soft cow skin
  • The beautiful white and black or white and brown color combination

Please note: due to organic material use, each bag will have a unique print and color, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory. As a result, the bag you receive may differ slightly from the one photographed in this listing.

As the sun set over the horizon, the cowboy leaned back against a fence post, grateful for another day spent living the Western way. He reached for The Western Boho - Cowhide Leather Duffel Bag, which was slung over his shoulder, and headed back to his homestead, ready to plan his next adventure.

"In the West, the only thing stronger than the sun is the spirit."

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